Baby Wearing

Baby wearing has been around for years and is being utilized all over the world! There are so many reasons why people choose to wear their little ones. Baby wearing is when your little one is placed in a carrier that you wear. This carrier can be a wrap, sling, or structured carrier. Some people do it while they are out and about running their errands, others ues to put thier little ones to sleep, others use it to get things done around te house or at work. 

Here are some benefits of baby wearing:

  1. A sense of security for baby. After spending 9 months in mamas belly, the new world can be a bit overwhelming! As you wear your baby, they can feel you, smell you, and see you. 
  2. Baby wearing is great for babies who are fussy, have colic, or reflux. Since baby is in an upright position, close to you, and moving they are happier and tend to spit up less.
  3. You can breastfeed! 
  4. Baby wearing puts less pressure on your wrists, arms, and shoulers. 
  5. Great for baby's physical development. This way baby spends less time on their back in car seat, floor, bassinet and swing. 
  6. Gives your arm the freedom to do stuff! You can work on the computer, do the dishes, make dinner, play with your other little one. The possibilities are endless! 
  7. Great workout! You are now carrying 6+ pounds of everytime you drop something on the ground do a squat to pick it up ;)
  8. Easier to get to places. It's hard pushing a stroller around in large crowds or places with uneven ground.
  9. Great way to keep strangers and germs away from your baby. Not everyone understands that its not OK to touch a someone else's baby without permission. 
  10. It's a great way to bond! This is great for mom and dad! 

Things to look for when purchasing a carrier:
  1. Material: you want something thats not too thick. If you decide to get a fabric wrap, make sure its breathable because heat rash is a real thing...especially in this Texas heat!
  2. Back support for little babe: Baby's back should be supported in a natural position while their chest and stomach are against yours. Baby should not uncurl or get closer to you after touching their back.
  3. Hip support: The baby's legs should make be in a  "M" position, with their knees being higher than their bottom, and thier thighs and bottom carrying more weight. 
  4. Breathable: You want to keep the baby's airway open by keeping their chin off of thier chest. Use the two finger trick to make sure that you can fit two fingers between their chin and chest.
  5. Fit: make sure that the baby is snug against you. You want to avoid baby possibly falling out or being too loose in the carrier.

My recommendation:
  1. Tuck & Bundle: this is one of my favorite fabric wraps!
    • It's long, breathable and good quality fabric!
    • It comes in lots of cute colors as well
    • Great ergonomic fit "M" shape 
    • And a bonus is that the wrap is from San Antonio, Texas! Shop local ;)
    • I like this wrap for little ones under the 18 months
    • Can wear little ones upto 25 pounds
    • Machine washable
    • They have a great "how to video" 
  2. Ergobaby Omni 360:
    • I prefer this carrier for little ones after 12 months
    • Grows with baby from week 1 to 48 months
    • Fits babies 7-45 pounds
    • Machine washable
    • You can wear little one in the forward, back or hip carry
    • Great ergonomic fit "M" shape 
    • Has a baby privacy hood, to keep sun or strangers away