Do You Spend Majority of Your Day at a Desk?

Do you sit at a desk all day for work? Whether you work in an office, at home, or at coffee shops, sitting for too long can take a tole on your back. 
One of my favorite chairs has been the stability ball with support. I started using it a few years ago when I first opened my office and lets me was a challenge. Especially when I was tired all I wanted to do was sit back and slouch. When I work on my laptop I like to get into all sorts of weird "comfy" positions. And this chair is the farthest thing from comfy haha. So a few months in I stopped trying to cross my leg, or sit on one leg, or lean over because it just made it harder to sit on this darn ball! Fast forward two years laster and I think I have finally adapted to this new chair of mine. Lets talk benefits! 
1.Releive Back Pain
Since you can't really slouch or hunch over on the ball, it makes you focus on maintaining a good posture while sitting on it. Now is this ball going to cure your back problems that you've had for years? No. But will it help from making things worse? Yes! The nice thing is that now you have an exercise ball with you, so not only can you sit on it but you can use it for a quick stretch or 5-10 minute exercise! 
2. Tone Core Muscles
With a stability ball we're not so focused on relying on the back of the chair to support us. Now you actually have to engage your core, which of course leads to better core strength. 
3. Quick Workout

  • Plank with forearms on the ball
  • Ball squats
  • shoulder curl and press
  • Figure 8 for pelvis mobility
  • Figure 4 (leg crossed) stretching 
  • Upper body stretches 
Here is a link for a ball:

Friendly reminder, regardless on the type of chair you have, take a break every 20 minutes from sitting. Walk around, stretch, take a water or bathroom break!