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maternity chiropractor

"Love this place! I saw Dr. Shabby during the second half of my pregnancy to alleviate some pregnancy aches and to help my body be ready to birth a baby. I felt great my third trimester because of routine adjustments and my labor was so quick and efficient! The staff is always friendly and welcoming and the price is perfect. With my first pregnancy, I paid double for chiropractic care that I don’t feel helped at all."

Kelsi Smith

"My 2-year-old and I love it here. Dr. Ashtiani is amazing with both of us. She listens to everything I have to say, every time. I never feel rushed and she truly wants to understand what is going on with my whole body, physically and emotionally. She always has great suggestions, but never pushy. My daughter loves the snacks and playing with the dinosaurs. Not that this has anything to do with here chiropractic abilities, but we also love to see what will be on her chalkboard wall :) After leaving, I always feel like I've been to a spa. It's always an incredible experience."

Britni Tomcho

"I have been going to Essence for a couple of months now and I have had amazing results! My lower back and knees had been bothering me and they recommended acupuncture. After my 3rd session, my pain was completely gone! I would definitely recommend them!"

Miranda Ward

"Dr. Ashtiani helped me through a rough pregnancy with adjustments, acupuncture, and essential oils. I truly wouldn’t have been able to wait for natural labor if it wasn’t for her! I still see her for regular visits postpartum and I always leave the office feeling refreshed. Great staff and great service, I highly recommend!"

Krystal Harrington

"Dr. Ashtiani and her staff are nothing but the best. Her personable, informative, and focused approach has resulted in significant improvements in my posture, pain management and mobility. After every visit, I increasingly feel like an athlete! Additionally, Essence Chiropractic and Wellness has provided me with the tools needed to function at an optimal level; her team cannot be recommended enough."

Stephen Talamantez

"Dr. Ashtiani and her staff are top-notch. Not only do they know exactly what they are doing, but they do so with humility and care. They really educate you on where you are, where you should be and how they will get you there. The office is very nice, cozy and welcoming."

Jose Ramon Campos

"Receiving weekly treatments from Dr. Ashtiani for the past few months has proved demonstrably valuable to my rehabilitation from a shoulder labrum injury and surgical repair. Whether having undergone acupuncture, Graston, or PiezoWave therapies, I always feel rejuvenated upon the conclusion of these visits, and Dr. Ashtiani’s services, conducted with both easy courtesy and charming expertise, have swiftly become a stalwart favorite of my self-care regimen. Would I recommend an appointment with her to a family member, friend, co-worker, acquaintance, or stranger in need? In a heartbeat, Yes!"

Berton Biedenharn

"Dr. Shabnam Ashtiani is not only the best Chiropractor in San Antonio but also the best wellness doctor. Originally I was recommended to go see her for my constant shoulder pain from working at a desk job for 12 hours a day plus working out and strained muscles. My pain started to go away every visit I went. And even though the therapy was tough it was worth the feeling I felt after I saw Dr. Ashtiani. After convincing my mom who has the start of Parkinson’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis she started talking to her about my chronic gastronomic issues. Long story short I have had stomach issues my whole life and have gone to 3 Gastroenterologist and none of them were able to fix my problem. And then Dr. Ashtiani recommended some natural supplements for me to try. Literally the next day, I saw results. And it’s now been over a week and she has completely reversed my issues. She is a blessing and I’m so happy she has been able to help me so much. Everyone should go see her."

Jordan Garner

"I came to Dr. Ashtiani at 30 weeks pregnant, desperately searching for relief from low back pain. I was met with a warm, kind and thorough introduction to prenatal chiropractic care. Her practice is focused on holistic, patient-centered care, and she and her staff are welcoming and encouraging. Through the care I received, not only did the rest of my pregnancy go much more smoothly, but my delivery and recovery experience was much easier than my previous pregnancy (without chiropractic care). Our family is so very thankful for Essence Chiropractic & Wellness and will return for continued care."

Caitie Skaggs

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